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Welcome to Lone Oak

Some news on the Morrissey Fender, we have had quite a few requests to build a Morrissey Fender with a horn so that is exactly what we have done. We wanted to keep the horn low and as out of the way as possible so we designed a "wade" style horn that suits the Morrissey front. Anyway we have had great feedback on it. We have a couple of photos down near the bottom of the page HERE for your perusal.

Lone Oak Logic: It's better to have no money and a saddle than to have money and no saddle.

I just finished reading a great book called "Into Thin Air"  By Jon Krakauer. It is an account of the 1996 Mt Everest disaster and if you want a good read get yourself a copy.

If you are trying to call us and we don't answer the phone try a couple of times as the machines we have going make some noise and sometimes I don't hear the phone ringing until it is too late.

At Lone Oak "The Serious Stuff" we have the pleasurable job of building the tools of the trade for today's horseman. While keeping in mind the traditional methods used we are constantly searching for new and better ways to stay on the leading edge. We are a small shop so it is easy for us to pay close attention to detail, and upgrade our designs when needed without sacrificing consistency or quality. We think for this reason we have the best to offer people who are after high quality saddlery items. Look for the "Lone Oak The Serious Stuff" brand on your tack.

We also have a canvas and PVC section that can manufacture the simplest bag to the most complicated boat canopies and shade structures. Lone Oak can provide you with shade sails, or tents that makes it possible to entertain, relax or do business comfortably under the hot sun. Feel free to browse our products and photo gallery to get an idea of what we are all about.

If you are visiting Tamworth and would like to call in and see us, our workshop is just 1km on the Sydney side of the Australian Equine and Livestock Events Centre turn left (or East, the side the sun comes up) into Burgmanns Lane then look for the sign on the left. 

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The "Morrissey Wade"
We have a couple of photos of the prototype down near the bottom of the page

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MK2L Fender Saddle with Padded Seat

NOW - $3000.00

MK2L Fender Saddle with rough out seat and fenders. Padded seat and border tooling. For more photos ...

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